Natalie is lamenting the waiting required in “this whole Christmas thing”. One of the many conversations we have had this morning:

Natalie:  Can I just open my surprises now?

Me: No – tomorrow is Christmas

Natalie: See. That’s the problem!

Me: I know. I remember when I was a kid. It was hard for me to wait for Christmas too!

Natalie:  Wait. You had HOUSES back then?!

Me:  *sigh* Yes.

Natalie (after a pause): Fine. Then this is the last tomorrow!  Christmas, I mean.

*********time passes. maybe a minute.**********

Natalie:  Why does everything have to be so annoying on Christmas?


I am thinking I have a future in country songwriting, with Natalie as my muse:

  • I cain’t stand waiting no more, I think I’ll head for the door.
  • Better to spend life alone, than wait for tomorrows and moan.

My muse is very busy inspiring me.

Do they have operas in country music??


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