Fall, not like Autumn

It is clearly still Autumn here in the Chicago area – not as cold as it should be, and an annoying absence of snow.  I like snow.  It covers all the dead plants and makes everything look so clean!

But no, this is about FALL, not autumn.  As in, I fell.  Doing my usual camera theatrics, I stood on a saddle-type  bar stool in the front hall to take photos of the kids over the half wall.  I was actually getting down when I left my leg up on the stool and put my rear end on the floor.  I don’t know why I did that.  It WAS quite graceful, until the loud crash happened! Hurt quite a lot and I pulled my left hammy but what can you do.

The worst part is it did something to my camera.  Otherwise I would have the joy of sharing pictures I took of myself all the way through my fall.  Sorry you have to miss out on that!

So if you know a good camera repairman, let me know, ok?

Sean was here for seven glorious, and fast, days.  It was so great to have him back here!  His quick wit, good humor, loving manner  and mellow personality are so enjoyable! We had a couple days of all the kids together in the house, which I LOVE! I love to listen to their conversations and laughter.

I always think I can send my adult kids off without a tear – we’ve done this all so many times! But no. Went into O’Hare with him and dripped on his shoulder during the hug good-bye.

Now he is out on the ocean again for a bit. SO proud of that “kid”!


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