Ships at Sea

Here is a really cool photo of the Enterprise Carrier Strike Group at sea in the Atlantic Ocean.


Isn’t that cool?  My son is out there on that ship, right now.
In another couple months, after a stop stateside, they’ll be out in the Persian Gulf.  I wouldn’t tell you that, except it has been all over the newspapers so it isn’t exactly TOP SECRET INFO, is it? haha!



2 thoughts on “Ships at Sea

  1. That’s so crazy. Loev that picture, too. I can’t imagine being on that, for real. It looks huge just from a photo, can’t imagine in person. Our prayers are with Sean!!

    • Thanks, Amber! When I was on/in it I couldn’t believe how HUGE it was either! Crazy. I guess that’s why there are 8 nuclear reactors powering it.

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