The Continuing Saga….

As we all know, my daughter sleeps with plenty of companions.

oh wait, that doesn’t sound right.  You know what I mean…  This post shows her sleeping with a cellphone, a pink dolphin, a horse, a mesh basket, a grandmother, a suitcase… not all at the same time, of course. Well the last two nights she has been sleeping with these:

Clipboard and pencils, plus a bulldog




I tried to talk her out of it tonight, because you really COULD poke your eye out, right?? Don’t be afraid to click on the picture and see it better. All those pencils. Sheesh!

But she said, “it was fine last night Mom, I want them.” 

So, of course, she won. Right up until she fell asleep.  Then out came the camera, and the pencils have been relocated.

We went rollerskating after church today.  She had such a good time.  Wish I had gotten pics of that, but it would’ve been a challenge since I was her vertical-maintenance system.



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