I made these cookies this morning, while I was waiting for my soup to finish simmering.

Peanutty, Chocolatey, Coconutty, Sweet, Salty Cookies



I made them because a: they are gluten free, b: they are sugar free (bananas provide the sweet taste), c: they have chocolate in them (oh wait. Did I say sugar-free??)

I had a couple – pretty yummy! What’s not to love? peanut butter, bananas, chocolate, coconut (not the horrible sweetened flake coconut – the real stuff), and peanuts.

I went to talk to my 16 year old son, who was newly awake and hungry.  He asked what I had, and i said “a cookie. want it?” He replied by opening his mouth.  Of course I stuffed the little cookie in there.  Wasn’t that nice of me to share such a new, great, little treat with him?

I was thanked with a huge grimace and a series of questions, asked with a mouthful of food, which slightly distorted his speech, but I’m pretty sure he said:

“what IS this?!”

“why would you DO this to me?!”

“what is IN this?!”

“why did you MAKE these?”

“what are these FOR?!”

“why would you DO this to me?!”

after which he finally swallowed and could speak more clearly. I said, “I wish I had gotten a photo of your face with the cookie in your mouth!”  His answer?  “Well you are NOT giving me another one!”


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