Lions, Tigers, and…

Deer, horses, and pigs. Oh well. No bears. No lions either. And the only tigers that showed up were in Natalie’s imagination when Seth kept shrieking that one would be around the next corner! We had a nice walk at the nature center here in Schaumburg Saturday.

Love this one!


The deer were almost as interesting as Disneyworld or a famous person!  Both kids wanted a pic of themselves WITH the deer:

The deer were only a LITTLE cautious.

They did seem a little concerned about Nat's hat...

We had more cute photo ops. Natalie did NOT WANT her brother to sit next to her on this bench. He was persistent! Fortunately, she thinks he is very funny, so even though he was intentionally annoying her, it was all fun and games to her! She is so lucky to have Seth. (and vice versa)



and left again, with a lecture!











How about these belgians, eh??  Huge. This one slimed my jacket. There is a sign prohibiting feeding the animals, but I suspect there have been lots of violators because he was certain one of us had food for him! We saw some deer, which we have not seen there in the many (well probably xlvi) times we’ve been there!

pretty intimidating at first!


Belgian, I think

He is licking the front of my jacket.


And what’s not to love about this picture: Go ahead. Click on it.


Fun day!


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