Cabo Wabo

Yes, I DID go to Cabo Wabo but Sammy Hagar wasn’t there. Met a couple watching the Jayhawks win!!

Hey. Here in Cabo, day #?? I have lost track of time. It is very cool here in the a.m., bordering on chilly. Cut up my hardboiled eggs and had them with coffee next to the pool in my jammies. The back of the villa looks out at the ocean, so it is 100% private. My tooties got cold so I came in and resnuggled in bed with my iPad and a book, waiting for “the lady of the house” to awaken.

Yesterday’s boatride was like a dream! Many whales, short nap on the boat, snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez. Sounds so exotic, doesn’t it? Today Amy is going up to the clubhouse to work out  while I go walk on the sandy beach, on the Pacific side. I would any day rather walk through sand next to the ocean than be in a gym doing some lame-o exercises! 😉


One thought on “Cabo Wabo

  1. Sounds amaziiiiiinnnnggg! I feel ya, walking in the sand by the gorgeous water beats the gym ANY day! Read a book for me, plese 😉 I can’t ever get through a book these days! xxoo

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