Whales and Soldiers

So as my friend Amy and I pondered the meaning of life relaxation, we saw a cruise ship drive by :

Wave at the ship....

It was a much more pleasant sight than what we had just seen as we drove down to this beach:

What? are those soldiers and guns we see?

Why, yes. Yes it is! When we got to that resort, just down the hill from Amy´s villa, we saw the truck pull up, a couple of policia on motorcycles, other official looking guys and what looked (to me) like an army ambulance. We asked a few of the official looking men what was going on and they said, ¨Nada.¨  We didn´t fall for that!  We put on our nicest smiles, used a little Spanish and asked some other, less-official types what was going on.  They said the officials were doing an inspection before the June 2012 G-20 summit in Cabo.

Darn.  I wish I could have been here for all that. Oh, wait. No I do NOT!

So we relaxed on the drinks with our beach beach with our drinks, I mean.

Then we got a little show from some cavorting whales:

Something is happening...


Looks like a whale to me!





All in all, I would have to say Cabo is my favorite vacation spot.  Although I would trade it for skiing in the Rockies.  IF I lived here in Cabo, that is. Thanks Amy, for inviting me along on your annual trip!


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