“I’m too big!”

The child I have struggled to keep fed, lo these almost 14 years, has decided she is too big. She looks at her (very skinny) calves and says, “MOM! Look how huge I am getting!  I cannot be this huge!”

Here are her stats – you tell me, is she too big?

Height 5′ 0″ (10th percentile)

Weight 91 # (11th percentile)

ankle  7 ”

wrist 5.5″

thigh 15″

She wears a size 3 shoe and extra small adult pants, which are still too loose! (We just bought some tonight.)

Her teacher, Mrs. Pouska (pronounced Poe’ ska) is shorter than Natalie, she says (not really true, the teacher is joking) and Nat things this is just plain WRONG!

“I’m taller than Pouska, Mom” is a repeated lament of late. She jiggles her VERY skinny calves (gets that from her Dad) and says we should remove those.  The funny thing is, any fat on her body hides “behind her” if you get my drift.  She hasn’t realized that, and I hope she doesn’t! She certainly does not need to lose any weight. How many people do you know that are 5 feet tall and weigh less than 95 pounds?

I WISH I had 15″ thighs.  No, I will not measure my thighs and give you the number for comparison.  I cannot believe you asked!!

What is the saying? Youth is wasted on the young? SOOOOOOO true!


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