1.  Natalie is “reading” an article about wooly mammoths in the doctor’s office: (my spelling is an attempt to accommodate her pronunciation)

“The ruly mammoth is 14 inches like bunny rabbits or kids. It is extince. To find out more call 372457. ”

2. Seth has some activities with kids that live an HOUR from our house, so there is some driving involved in all this.  Friday night, Natalie and I drove him out to meet his friends and decided to hang out in that area. She was hungry and we drove around looking for a pizza place.  She spotted Giordano’s Pizzeria and said, “Let’s go there! I LOVE that place! I threw up there!”

So yes. We had dinner there. She didn’t throw up this time.

3. Natalie woke up late this morning because I decided to let her sleep in – half day at school, which really means only 2.5 hours of school. Well, she wakes up and says, “I want to go to school!”

Me:  Okay – hurry up and get dressed and I’ll whip you over there.

Natalie:  Is it okay if I ride a skateboard over there?

(Aside – the kid can’t ride a skateboard.  She can maybe sit on one and keep from tipping over. That’s it.)

Me (under my breath, forgetting she has superhero hearing): Sure, if you don’t mind the falling, getting hurt, and dieing part.

Natalie (enthusiastically, clearly having heard me): OKAY!! I’ll get my shoes on.


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