Situational Constitution

We have re-begun Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy for Natalie.  I cannot say RESUME because this is with new therapists – a team actually – affiliated with Children’s Memorial Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital (because THAT isn’t a long, awkward name and impossible to remember quickly). In the past we have had one FANTASTIC speech therapist, but she retired. We also had an excellent O.T. but in my opinion, the focus of the therapy wasn’t aimed very well (translation – I was sick to death of hauling Nat all over to do therapies and decided it was time for a break and a focus on NORMAL LIFE).

However, Natalie is now older (shocking, I know) and we have a new avenue to progress, as she wants to “be like everyone else” so hopefully that will help her expand her food choices and skills.  This team is led by the guy who wrote the book (literally) on a method for dealing with feeding issues: Food Chaining. After a couple evaluations and appointments we have a list of things to MAKE her do every day (because a mother’s work is NEVER, NO NOT EVER, NEVER, NEVER done). And the Google Keyword Award goes to “MAKE” as in “you can’t make me do this” although she doesn’t say those words.  She conveys it quite well and not altogether subtly by saying “I am NOT going to cut my pizza,” folding her arms and doing the Madeline nose-in-the-air thing. So cute in someone else’s child.

Of course she put on quite the delightful-child persona at therapy and they think this is going to be a breeze for me! (Sure is windy in here.) Why is it that she is all smiley and cooperative with the O.T. And the SL/P –  acting all mature and proud of herself  and then we talk about it at home and get out the utensils so she can practice cutting up her own pizza, and she pulls out words like “situational constitution”???

“Because the situational constitution means that I simply cannot cut my own pizza.”  Now I ask you, where did she get these words? Contrary to your very understandable impression of our family, we do not sit around and read the constituation (did I spell that correctly?) aloud and then have conversations about situational ethics. I mean, we could, and perhaps even DO from time to time, but it isn’t a REGULAR occurrence.

So I am working on a strategery that will make food cutting time a non-battle, as we have no need of MORE reasons for her to not eat!! I think it will have something to do with computer privileges and her access to parchment paper documents. Side benefit: maybe I will be able to keep up with her vocab. So you can see, the whole “speech therapy” is a misnomer as she can talk circles around all of us. Wait – maybe they have us there for MY speech needs!  hahaha! That’s ludicerous.


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