A Zebra Story

You probably didn’t hear the news that Natalie’s zebra, Stripes, was injured.

I’ve been so proud of her diligence in taking care of Stripes… such devotion and dedication!

Initially, she began using some zebra-striped socks (she really doesn’t like to wear them – too many loose threads on the inside) as bandages.  What a great idea!

Be prepared – this is a graphic photo.

See the tendon and bone??

















Apparently a couple of  fur-matching socks were inadequate:

Removing the bandages to inspect the healing.















Wow.  That’s a lot of socks, isn’t it?! But a veterinarian has needs.

Oh my!
















I see Zebra socks down there on the bottom of the pile.  I also see plenty of really NICE-SOCKS-GOSH-DARN-IT!


You do realize that she has CUT ALL THESE ITEMS SO THEY LOOK MORE LIKE bandages, right?? So they are no longer usable as clothing.

Needless to say, I’ve hidden all the scissors and am considering getting out a black thread and needle today while she is at summer school. Sew that baby up and end the drama!

This zebra was a gift for her birthday and it goes nearly everywhere with her.  A little inconvenient, I tell her.

“Mom. We should just buy a horse trailer to hook up to the car!”

Yeah. yeah.  That’s what we should do.


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