Ugg(h) – give them the boot!

Boys. Boys. Boys. Ugh. 

What?  Like your brother Seth?

No.  The two Ronnies. They are just….

Trouble through and through?

Yes. Trouble through and through! A: They are bad. B: They are naughty. C: They say bad words!

(I was kind of thinking B and C were covered in A, but apparently more emphasis was needed!

And 1. They think they can get away with it! and D. They don’t admit they did it!

I am very grateful for her new outlook on the value of outside-the-family boys in her life.  For the last three weeks she has been putting invites into envelopes over and over and over  –  so MANY envelopes  –  to invite some boys over to play.  Nevermind my preference about all this – based on previous history in the special needs population, no response would be forthcoming to these invitations.  The good part about that is then she is mad at all of THEM for not responding as opposed to being mad at ME for not letting her invite them! Fortunately she kept forgetting which boys she wanted to give the invites to, so they were never delivered.  Whew! Dodged that bullet!

No, I don’t think ALL boys are evil. Certainly not. For sure. Absolutely not. Chortle. Just kidding! But she assumes they will all be like her father and her three big brothers – respectful and sweet to her!  How do I tell her that ain’t necessarily so??? I guess she is figuring it out all by herself! Give ’em the boot, Nat!

On another note – I haven’t been able to talk her into going to the public pool ALL SUMMER!  She doesn’t like all that splashing. So, as out of practice as I have been, it is no small wonder I forgot how to apply sunscreen! When we were invited to the home of new friends who have a pool I was HOPING she would get in and enjoy it.  Yes indeed – what a little fish.  Unfortunately, today she is a bit of a striped fish!  Guess we’ll have to go back, for more sunscreen practice!

If you look really closely you can see the shape of my fingers at the top . Ugh.

Missed all across her face under eyes! Double Ugh!














Yes, I definitely need more sunscreen practice.


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