The little fish

I didn’t get many pictures because I was too busy having fun. And boy am I sore today!  All that blind-man’s-bluff used muscles that are usually reserved for relaxing and they are NOT happy today!  Ibuprofen AND extra-strength Tylenol are required.  What a wimp I’ve become! Not my daughter though! She was in the pool EVERY single minute of the hours we were there, except for eating her pizza! “I don’t want to go” on the front end of this event turned into “I don’t want to leave” at the end!

Last time at the stairs for a few hours

So I called the pool shop and told them “This is what I want”

This was just wonderful – surrounded by great landscaping, a garden, patio, etc.  What a wonderful way to spend summer! Seth was body surfing in the ocean near Trinidad that day.

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