Oh. My.

We are in the process of getting all the pics from our recent adventures organized, but today’s post isn’t about that. (That’s what they call a tease. But I AM NOT A TEASE, no matter what you’ve heard. You just might want to check back another day to see if the pics are up. Right now the pics are in New Hampshire, though, so it could be a “few days”. Haha. That is NOT a tease, that is just downright mean. Sorry.)

Anyway. Natalie is a dear, wonderful girl, and very much like having a parrot in the house. I don’t mean that as an insult of course. She doesn’t have sharp claws or a horribly strong beak. That would terrify me. BUT, she is very good at mimicking words and phrases without understanding their meaning.  Get it now? Any four syllable word she uses is likely outside her actual level of understanding.  I use them  though, because it is so much fun to hear HER say them! AND she typically uses them in a context that seems accurate, making it all the more fun! And who knows? Maybe she will understand these words more and more as she continues to use them and hear them. I ❤ that.

As we try to live our Christian faith, there are certain words we typically steer away from. If you ask my husband he will say that he is a better driver than I am.  That is true not only behind the wheel of a car, but also in the aforementioned type of steering. Be that as it may… I’m not an O.M.G. person who puts “God” in for the “G”.  I don’t cringe when other people do it – live and let live and all that Paul McCartney stuff. (Oh wait. That was live and let die. Oh well. Haha!) But I do try to teach my kids to believe what I do so that I have a more comfy feeling in my tummy when I go to sleep at night. 😉 And also because I love them, of course.

Back to Natalie. Lately, for reasons we do not know, she has been saying “Oh My Lord!” about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  I thought maybe it would go away by itself. Like chicken pox. Except without the itching. But no. So we went through the actually-I-would-prefer-you-not-say-that-here-is-an-alternative and I said “oh my goodness” which of course some people object to also, but whatever. All good. She took it well, is a bit of a pleaser (understatement) and that was pretty much that! I love to tie things up all neat in a bow!

Okay, on with the rest of the story. Seth’s trip to Trinidad was quite an adventure! He came back with a substantial sunburn – shaped JUST like the one Natalie had due to my inept application of sunscreen! Except Seth’s was much, MUCH brighter red! He pulled his shirt off and showed us his sunburn – it looked (and was) quite painful –  I gasped! and Natalie said, “OH MY GLADYS!”

and that is my new favorite expression. Oh My Gladys!!!

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