Bruce Wayne’s Aunt – ME! Family Reunion Part 1

I saw The Dark Knight Rises tonight – LOVED IT!!!! Spoiler alert: In real life I am related to Batman. You can see pictures of Batman right here:

Trying to keep his identity hidden by not showing his parents’ faces….

You notice how I “hid” his parents faces to protect his identity??  I cannot tell you his ACTUAL real name, but “Bruce Wayne” is my great-nephew! He is quite good at traveling incognito, but it becomes pretty obvious that Batman is a member of our family since he doesn’t always wear his mask. What?! I don’t get that.

Driving the batmobile with NO MASK?!

As became obvious to us all, Batman takes his work as the caped crusader very seriously.

Planning a mission

Mission in process

He works very hard and barely has time to eat.  Unbeknownst to him, I snagged this pic of him eating with two forks to save time (or get more of that tasty blue frosting).

Work hard, eat hard

Batman usually only answers to “Batman” and if you try to call him by any other name he corrects you. Which is very smart of him.  Natalie has caught on to this completely and refers to him as Batman just as easily as she calls me “Mom”. The thing that came to mind repeatedly over the days of being around him, was the same question the Joker asked Batman in The Dark Knight, “Why so serious?” But just as I was about to ask, he gave me this smile and all I could do was say, “Awwwwwwwwwww!”

Nice smile, Batman!

One thought on “Bruce Wayne’s Aunt – ME! Family Reunion Part 1

  1. What a sweet post 🙂 He sure had SO much fun!!! He’s still talking about all that he did while we were there! Great pics, thanks for sharing– I enjoyed reading it, of course!! 😉

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