Tyson and Hailey… Family Reunion Part 2

My beautiful niece Ginny:

Grammy and Ginny

flew up from Houston with her two kids (working hubby stayed home) which was a brave move on her part! You know how it is – do all the stuff you have to do leading up to the trip, get up the morning of the trip and:

  • get ready,
  • corral the kids into the car,
  • drive to the airport for an hour,
  • go through all the junk at the airport for a couple hours,
  • fly for a few hours,
  • airport stuff and drive to the Chicago locale for an hour or so,
  • THEN get the kids some exercise after they’ve been cooped up all day even though
  • you are exhausted.

BRAVE WOMAN!!  Her kids are just darling as you can see in the following pictures.  I won’t include all the pictures I took because it would be a 100 picture post and that is just too many.

Cousins playing in the polka dot room

Cousins playing in a box





Dog Time!

more Dog Time!

Entertainment by Marshall – barking at horses!

and even:

Fun in the car on the way to the airport!

Tyson and Hailey were quite the troopers!  Lots of new places, new experiences, and new people and they adjusted to it all!  Please come back and visit again!!

Love you all,

Aunt Lynn


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