Blue Angels, Navy Pier, etc.

Of the many pics I took today of the Blue Angels while I was at Navy Pier, several looked like this:

Oops. Missed ’em.

But I really like this one:

and this one:

These guys really leave me in a state of awe.

So a few summary shots of the day:

Waiting to tour a Coast Guard Cutter

Trepidation and Reassurance

USS Biscayne Bay

Right here I have to go on record saying I could not be more proud of the guy in that picture.  Natalie is one lucky chiquita. I know you can see his love for her in these pictures.

We also saw the USS Hurricane, but didn’t want to wait in line for it…. now, if it were the USS Enterprise it would be a different story! We were hoping to get a lift out to the USS DeWert, a frigate, anchored 1.5 miles off Navy Pier, but the waves were too high to ferry people out there. 😦 We had to settle for a picture:

USS DeWert in the distance

If I ever have a pool, I’d really like to have one of these to float in it:

Protected waters

Once we found out we couldn’t go out to the DeWert, we sat down for a drink and a smidge of rest.

We decided to head for home, as the day wasn’t done yet… on the way out we saw the Coast Guard’s Silent Drill Team:

Then out to Fox River Grove for a picnic with friends… On the way Natalie said, “There is a horse on the car next to us!”

She was right:

I used hand signals to ask the driver to trade cars, but the guy didn’t seem to understand what I was getting at….

I am thankful our military continues to keep us free enough to swing and smile…

What a beautiful day it has been…


Natalie’s last comment, being the girlie-girl she is: “Mom, I’m sleeping with my hands ‘on the outside’ tonight so I don’t ruin my nails.”

Love it!


4 thoughts on “Blue Angels, Navy Pier, etc.

  1. What a fun day!! You got great pics of the blue angels and YOUR two angels. You’re right, Miss Nat is very lucky to have such a loving big bro and he’s just as lucky to have her, too.

    P.S. The nail comment made me laugh 🙂 AND the horse on the car comment, she loves her some horses!!

  2. Fun! Looked like a beautiful day. So, now you need to get Natalie a real horse, as well as a car that has a horse on it. Better start playing the lottery. lol

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