I don’t WANT a job!!

As we prepare for the start of school in just a few days, I am being put to work answering lots of QUESTIONS??? from my sweet, special daughter Natalie.  (Honestly, today was one of those days when she and her brother kinda drove me C R A Z Y . Not that they did anything in particular, but I was having a wee bit of trouble just coping with entering the funnel.  You know – that funnel we try to squeeze everything through the last couple days before school starts:  SchoolClothesSchoolSuppliesFormsMoneyFunSleepScheduleAdjustment-CleaningOrganizingPreparingLunchesBreakfastsBackpacksBusSchedules, etc.

So by the end of the day really the very last thing I felt like doing was telling Natalie a bedtime story. But I did. And I’m happy I did. I never regret time I spend with her. That might be obvious for everyone “out there” but when I am TiredDoneBeatandFEDUP I go in there thinking “how can I make this as short as possible and get out of here to relax?” Somehow, as soon as I start spending time with one of my kids, even in that state of mind, I relax and realize “This is the highlight of my day!” It truly is.

Natalie is halfway through a bedtime story for her stuffed animals.

But she cannot remember the rest of the story so I take over and we have a fun time.  As usual of late, the story is about the Fresh Beat Band coming over to our house and having a fun time with Natalie!

The Fresh Beat Band from Nick Jr.

After the story we start talking about the impending event:  SCHOOL! Here are her questions:

Will I be in high school next year too?

Yes, Nat there are four years of high school. Same for Seth and everyone else.

Will I be in the “naybee” after high school? (this is asked because her big brother Sean is in the US Navy and it has been a year since we have seen him and 3 months since we have heard his voice…. she misses him and doesn’t like the idea of being gone from us that long!)

The last time we saw him…

No, Natalie, you will never be in the Navy. After high school, you will be in another school for four MORE years, kinda like college and after that maybe you’ll find a job and get an apartment with friends.

I don’t WANT a job!

Don’t you want to have money?!


Well, I need money for ONE thing.  For my next birthday I want those things I showed you on Google.  I need six dollars and zero cents to get them but that’s all.

Yes, they DO cost six dollars and zero cents.

Lucky Natalie, she only wants ONE more thing in her life! And she’ll only have to take out the garbage 24 times to earn it.  She WILL have a job – I guess there is something to be said for consumerism? Maybe?

All those answers satisfied her and before I knew it she fell asleep!

Kinda crowded, ain’t it?!

Hugs and kisses and gooey-love for my kids aside, Tom, it’s your turn to tell the bedtime story tonight!

Ahhhhhhhhhh… peace and quiet.


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