‘Twas the third day of school…

On the first day of school, Natalie was out of here with such a rush that I didn’t get a picture. She did leave without tears though! and she looked adorable. Here’s a pic of her on the THIRD day of school:

I should have used the flash.

Instead of using the flash though I took a BUNCH of bad pictures. So she got a wee bit bored with it …

Are we done here?

On the ACTUAL first day of school, Seth did grace me with a smile for his first day of school pic. A small one:

The blur of motion?

No, it is not a blur of motion you see there. I really hope that Seth can find fulfillment for his comedic tendencies in his adulthood. Preferably somehow that results in an influx of money. Right there he is flashing a gang sign, thank you very much. So of course, I had to blur it. Natalie appropriately responds, “Kids!”

I was quite confused about Nat’s courses the first few days of school. Natalie kept trying to convince me she was taking a foreign language. I knew that could not be the case, but what is the explanation for this word she repeats: lin yu wurd. Korean? Chinese? You tell me if you know…. Ultimately I did find out… I’ll tell you in a bit.

Sunday was a really fun day with a great service at our church, a really fun AND interesting discussion at our couples small group and THEN we went to the musical Annie Jr. performed exclusively by special needs students, with the help of typically developing mentors (although how typical is it, really? with autism at the 1:100 occurrence ratio, but I digress) who shadowed the actors on stage and helped them with lines if needed, etc. It was absolutely AMAZING, and we LOVED it! Here’s a pic of Nat and her friend Elly in the audience:

Elly and Nat at Annie Jr.

The day was not yet over, however.  Out for pizza with Elly and her mom, Ruth!! Thanks to Ruth for giving us an invite to see Annie, Jr.  or we would have missed it!

Oh, and by the way, Natalie showed me what a lin yu wurd is:

Lin yu wurd

SOMEDAY, I will tell her how to pronounce lanyard, but for now lin yu wurd is too cute to let it go.


8 thoughts on “‘Twas the third day of school…

  1. Well, I was trying to figure that one out, and I came up with, “Lynn, you’re weird”, but of course that wouldn’t work. So the other was, “learn your word”, which kind of could’ve fit. “Lanyard” was much better. Thanks for the immediate answer to the puzzle. I always hate it when you have to wait for the next episode.

  2. Love the pic of Elly and Natalie! So cute! I have to share with you that Elly was asking if Natalie could drive. I can just imagine Elly’s though process. I’m sure selfishly she was hoping her new older friend could drive her around to cool places. I think she had visions of her and Natalie cruising around town on their own.

    • that’s really funny Ruth! Natalie keeps asking when she’ll be able to drive, so between the two of them I better keep the keys hidden! I’ll email that pic to you.

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