Labor Day Fun

Septemberfest is our town’s BEST annual event.  Labor Day revolves around the concerts, carnival rides, art fair, parade and the food. Saturday morning is always “Free Rides for Children with Disabilities” and we take full advantage.  Well, Natalie and Tom did this year – I had to work. Tom is a great one for going to the fairs with her and taking her on all the rides.  He delights in her smile! They happened to run into Natalie’s long time buddy – David, and his mom, Holly.   Then Sunday afternoon the four of us spent a boatload of money some time together having fun! Here are my favorite pics… mind you, they were all taken with Tom’s phone because my camera was at home. Not bad!!

Because if you can’t grimace like a gangsta, what do you have??

Waiting for the ferris wheel

We had lots of giggling going on. We seldom find an opportunity for all four of us to do something fun together, but this works!!

What is it for us mothers that makes our hearts swell when our kids enjoy being together? Just LOVE it!! I am so very proud of Seth. He has truly risen to the occasion as far as having a special sister goes – they are so good for each other! He is a loving guy with a great sense of humor!

LOVE seeing them having fun together

After they got off a ride, I noticed something funny about the similarity of their attire – right down to the red tones in their shoes.

Notice any similarities in their clothes?? Weird coincidence…

More kid fun

Here is Nat with her buddy David!

Driving around with David

We did have to head home earlier than we intended when she started to faint walking around the fest.  Deja vu to the time at the beach. When her knees buckled we were only about 20 yards from the first aid tent, which was lucky! She didn’t make a quick recovery so we had to go home and it actually took her a few hours to feel “right” again. We’ll be going back to the doctor about that.

Not feeling well

But mostly the whole time looked like this:

Happy Girl Pose

and this:

Because I’m so sophisticated

It was really a great weekend!


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