Natalie wants to have the same conversational experiences the rest of us have, so she does! Nevermind that the hand she is holding near her ear has nothing in it. (New technology – invisible phones.  Wow! I’d NEVER find my phone then.) If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen the first few:

“I don’t speak a lot of languages. I am from my Dad’s side. But my stepdad does.”   (Nat’s Dad and I are married – to EACH OTHER – not sure where the stepdad idea is coming from…)

“My Dad grew up as a soldier of war. His grandfather grew up like that. My mom’s side is a whole different story.”

“My Mom and Dad met in high school. My mom proposed and they got married. They’ve been married a year now.” Let’s see – we weren’t in high school at the same time (I am older) and he proposed and we’ve been married 21 years.

“Then they had Seth and me. Me first or him first. Or me first.” Well since Seth is three years older, obviously he was born first. Perhaps she WANTS to be older?

And the best is last, but first an explanation… The permanent school ID’s were distributed today after being attached to their lin yu wurds.  You can see there is a slight (but very significant to Natalie) difference between Seth’s and Nat’s ID’s …

no little yellow sticker on Nat’s ID

A YELLOW sticker … yellow has a connection right to her heart. Heaven forbid she should see something yellow and not HAVE it.  She wants out next car to be yellow.

She would like this one!

Here’s what she had to say:

“I think each kid should just get one sticker because we don’t want the p-r-o-n-c-k-e-r to impact the effect. And I am just, in horse name, prancing around because of the p-r-o-c-k-o-r-o-n-t-e-s . Schaumburg has them, Hoffman doesn’t which is why the tickets are going down under the ground for all of us. Because of the l-i-e d-j-m-o-o-r-g-u-c-k. In case something happens that it doesn’t go r-c-n-p-k-e, you know? I want this to have a big sticker impact on us. If  it’s a big deal why don’t we just do the stickers and have the store tickets still available for those kids who are being good, you know? I just don’t want the p-r-c-l-d-r-g to go down under and have whatever-whatever, you know?  Huge impact on the whatever-whatever. I want the r-c-k-p-t-t-r-t-t-n to go down. But I just have some questions. [and here we get to the crux of the matter) Why doesn’t Hoffman have stickers like Schaumburg. That’s my question. I don’t get why they don’t have those little sticker things anymore. I want one of those stickers. I want one of those hummingbird Hoffman hawk stickers, not thick, just crackin, lackin’ (?) Maybe they could email it to us.”

And there you have it. Speech by Natalie. Lots of spelling, not sure what any of those words are supposed to mean, if anything.

Hummingbird Hoffman Hawk

Next time I have to catch this on video. Too funny to see how serious she is with all of it. Of course, first I’ll have to put electrical tape over the little red light or it will turn into a complete smiling, posing film full of giggles and not much talking. Although, that would be fun too!

But she has moved on. Forget stickers. My Little Pony is holding her attention now!

Playing the Ponies


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