A State of….

Natalie sometimes, okay ALL THE TIME, looks over my shoulder when I am writing. Which, when you think of it, is kinda funny since she can only read about 1 out of every 20 or so words. Be that as it may…. She was looking over my shoulder at a picture I posted here recently of a U-Haul truck. Looking at the truck she queries, “Is that from another State?” My reply, “Yes, the state of insanity.” Seth guffaws (LOVE that kid).  Which means Natalie now knows it is a FUNNY COMMENT and moves into a state of HILARIOUS laughing, laughing laughing, saying “Oh, Moooooooooom!”  I actually didn’t think she would get this joke!  I just didn’t realize she understood the meaning of INSANITY, but then of course, hanging around me and having a living, breathing example of it every day…

And she giggles out, “Is that a real word, Mom?!” and I discover I must have been

Which was fun while it lasted and hilarious afterward! Because – here is this lovely child who can laugh with us and join in our fun even when she has no clue what we are talking about. She just enjoys the joy! THAT, my friends, is a gift. It really is.  One of the things Tom and I have always prided ourselves on (and for which others perhaps deride us) is how easily we are amused. As in laugh with very little provocation.  I am truly grateful that our daughter, our dear sweet Natalie has inherited that wonderful characteristic!  Sometimes the only way to get through life is to laugh!

I hope if you are traveling, you go to my favorite State, because what could be better than being

GO there. It’s fun.


2 thoughts on “A State of….

  1. Love it, Lynn. One of my favorite memories of the 2 of us is back in 6th grade when we had to do some kind of assignment. We were working at my house, in my bedroom, and I just remember that everything we said or did sent us into fits of hilarious laughter. We realized that the teacher (Mr. Hoffman, I think), would not find it so funny so we had to tone it down a bit. Just thinking about it now causes me to chuckle.

  2. Deb, what a great memory! The good old days…. Natalie always asks me, “Did you have cars in the olden days?” I love “olden days” memories. Thanks for sharing, Deb!! Hoping to get up there in October….

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