Painting In The Dark

You may or may not remember my “design dilemma” (Go ahead, click it, be truly traumatized and then admit you are thinking “design? WHAT design??) Well, MUCH time has gone by and I have yet to find a solution that is agreeable to both my opinionated daughter and her opinionated mother. SO, here we sit:


Oh, come on, don’t laugh like that! It WAS worse, ‘member? I painted those “ribbons” pink to blend in more with the walls and honestly, I just cannot figure out how to make this room tolerable and still comply with her pink and yellow requirements.  She doesn’t WANT any white, thankyouverymuch.

I wish I could say that my painting in the dark was well thought out, planned in advance, heck, even if it were an IMPROVEMENT I would be happy. But no.

Spatter “paint”

…and no, this isn’t all of it.  Sometimes, in the dark, I feed Nat through her “tube” and when I don’t even turn the hall light on, I sometimes hear the sound of the food escaping the syringe and going “other places”.  In this instance, I actually felt it hit my hair, and hoped, HOPED that was the worst of it.  I certainly didn’t turn on the lights to find out. I just wanted to go back to bed! But daylight showed me in the morning. Ahhhhhh. Oh well. Such is life. Soapy water, sponge and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the rescue.

We continue life in pink and yellow, because, really could YOU say no to this darling?

More pink!


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