The Birthday Bash

Because when we party, we do it RIGHT! Apologizing in advance for the pictures, but between taking pics with a phone and the lighting in a bowling alley… Even Pinstripes!

Let’s get this party started:

The Fab Four

Our good friends the Georges joined us. Too bad Mama George was out of town!! I didn’t get their express written consent to insert this picture, so it enjoy it while it lasts…. 😉 You know how the CIA is (or wait, is that witness protection?)!

Zach, Issac, Leah

Seth – good form!

As usual, Tom received the Best Bowler of the Night Award…

and he smiles too!

Natalie caught on quickly to the post-throw work necessary to persuade the ball to hit the pins:

Urging the ball onward in its mission…

Notice two things: 1. below her elbow – all the pins shown in the previous pic are still upright, and 2. she is smiling. That’s my girl!

Still smiling!

Our two teenagers

… evidence you can have fun while strangers sing Happy Birthday to you in a public place if you smile and clap really fast:

Chocolate will always elicit applause


It was a really fun night – a nice way to spend my birthday!  Thanks, Tom! You did it again!

Still smiling at the end!


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