Who is “Nick Marriage”?

Can you tell what kind of look Natalie is drawn to from these pictures of her favorite celebrities?

Nick Jonas


Sam Moran

Greg Wiggle

Tall (Stop that! Don’t be mean. Nick Jonas IS tall, in Natalie’s eyes!), dark and well, tall and dark. AND, they can all sing! Sing very well in fact.  (Not unlike Nat’s Daddy.)

Natalie recounts the highlight of her day at school:
So, I am standing and I hear Nick’s voice and I turn around and I see Nick Marriage talking to this other guy and I think “what am I gonna do??” and it is just crazy.  You know?  Because Nick Marriage (she sighs dreamily at this point …  and yes, as the mother of a 14 year old daughter, I refuse to think about the meaning of that.) 
Mom he has sooooo many pencils! (she is quite impressed) I cannot believe how many pencils he has!  His whole pencil case is such a mess in there because he has so many pencils!
How do you know how many pencils he has? Does he share them?
Yes. He shares them. And he has SOOOO many pencils!
Are they all different colors?
They are all the same color. But there are so many it is just crazy!!!
How many do you think he has?
16. Yeah. 16.
(16. Sixteen! Somehow I think if I had 16 pencils she wouldn’t be nearly as impressed.  Wait. I DO have 16 pencils.)

Aren’t my pencils good enough??

He is so similal (yes, she said SIMILAL, not similar) to Nick Jonas too. I cannot believe it. They are so much the same. So many similarities.
Like what? Do they both have dark hair?
They are both named Nick.
They both live at home.
They both go to different schools.
See how similal they are??? I cannot believe it. I wonder why they are so similal?!
She has her questions, I have mine: Who is Nick Marriage?  Is he related to Nicki Minaj? Is that his real name or is she revealing her innermost dreams? Is he tall with dark hair? Do I need to hunt him down wearing camo and armed with a bunch of pencils? Do we need to change schools NOW? Or will he open his mouth, try to sing and be the source of his own demise?  I can only hope….

7 thoughts on “Who is “Nick Marriage”?

    • Sonya, you are responsible for that bump in the back of my head… Caused when I fainted after reading your comment!! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I cannot picture that!!

  1. I so wish I could see Nick’s pencil collection, I mean, these sound pretty fabulous, eh? 🙂 At least he’s sharing? Guess if he sings well, then I’ll send Nick Moriarty to come hunt him down!!!!

    • Yes, Amber… That must be some pretty sweet pencil collection!!! And thanks for volunteering your husband. I will DEFINITELY keep that in mind.

  2. A man with many pencils, he’s like song. A rare gem. I have to chuckle over ‘similal’ because I teach English in Korea. R/L were topics the past week and will be this week. In Korean, ‘ㄹ’ can be pronounced as ‘R’ or ‘L’. So we practice this tongue twister, “The royal lawyer is loyal.”

    Enjoy those pencils.
    Mark L.

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