More September B’day Pics

I know you all saw the birthday bash pics, but we had another September b’day that wasn’t included in that mash-up. So here are some pics of the other birthday kid:

LOVE me some family dinners!

always plenty of CRAZY going on…

See what I mean?

Even though Brett’s birthday is the day before mine, this cake was ALL HIS – I don’t want to get involved in any knife fights. Nor lighter fights – too much flame.

I am about as photogenic as a toad. Please don’t tell me I really look this bad.


Here is a pic of the happy honeymooners….

These two ALWAYS look good…

Nat hugging the birthday boy…

We missed having Bonnie with us that day…. I promise more pics next time she’s here with us. AND in “about a month” (OPSEC, you know) our sailor will be home for a bit and we’ll have plenty more to share then!! I can hardly wait!!!


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