Who would tackle a 94 pound girl?!?!

There’s our Natalie… in her pink shoes, blue uniform and plaid jacket…

Baby, it’s COLD outside! 46 degrees

She is a Hawkette – a member of the Special Needs Pom Squad at her high school.
Here’s what she looks like on a less-frigid day!

waiting for the bus

This next one is blurry, but there’s a story that makes it worth looking at…

My girl, out in the running lane

The arrow points at her plaid jacket, just left of middle there.  Natalie is in the INSIDE of that lane the band and pom squads make for the football players to run through.  My little 94 pound girl, right there.  Nat was seemingly oblivious, looking in the wrong direction as all these hulking guys ran past her! We were literally holding our breath knowing if she backed up even one tiny step she would be crushed for certain. We asked her afterward if she noticed them running by her. She was quite clear, “YES! And one of them SHOT my arm!”  (meaning bumped)  She WAS nearly the first tackle of the night!  Whew! So hugs to all those excellent Hoffman Estates Hawks who didn’t deck my girl!

Delighted, unlike most high-schoolers, to wave at Mom from the field!

Sweet girl

After practice this past week, she was adamant that she wanted to quit the pom squad. Or at least not perform “in front of all those people!”   On our adrenalin-induced-very-excited-run to the car after her moments on the field she revised her plan, “My FIRST performance as  a Hawkette!”  Haha!!  Another one succumbs to the glory of the spotlight!


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