On Wisconsin! On Wisconsin!

As you may or may not know, I am a ….. Chesshead.  Oops! Did I spell that wrong? I meant a CHEESEhead.  Yes, I was born and raised in Wisconsin, which means I have a lifelong loyalty to the Green Bay Packers. That is a very easy loyalty these days.  Aaron Rodgers is one class act! And a great quarterback to boot. But I’m going off on a rabbit trail. No I did not hunt rabbits growing up. Nor did I milk cows. Ack! There I go again.

The point is, Natalie and I visited my mother in my hometown this weekend. Here is a great view we had while visiting:

the locks in the Fox River

Natalie and my Mom are kindred spirits. They just bond instantly whenever they see each other. No words required (but don’t think for one MINUTE that my daughter doesn’t talk her ear off!) They are the coziest twosome… they talk and laugh and explore together.

Just look at those two!

Grammy (what we call my Mom) teaches Natalie all kinds of things about leaves, fern fronds (and my family members all KNOW that is true) birds, owl pellets, migration, etc. And she knows PLENTY! Natalie listens and asks, “You mean THAT bird, Grammy?” as she points to the vast backyard with several birds in it – who knows which bird she is even pointing at? But Grammy is the soul of patience and delights in Nat’s questions, handing Nat her binoculars for closer inspection and answering as though the question is easily understood.

There is no picture of the two of them that doesn’t include smiles…

Just look at these two:

Cozy twosome!

But I DO believe Nat is “nearly” too big for Grammy’s lap:

Natalie is almost as big as Grammy!

We had a wonderful visit… there is something special about having a Girls’ Weekend!! The minute we were on the expressway heading home Natalie asked, “When will we be going back to see Grammy, Mom?

I just L O V E that. And don’t think for one minute the guys weren’t busy in our absence:

Hard work to get a golfball on a tee in a snow globe!


3 thoughts on “On Wisconsin! On Wisconsin!

  1. So awesome! Miss you guys, and Grammy! We were spoiled while she and Paw lived close 🙂 And, I wish my kids could get all of the nature lessons and wealth of knowledge that she has!

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