Star of the Show!!

We definitely have a performer on our hands.  Who’d’ve thunk after all her protests?? “I will NOT perform in front of all those people!” exclaimed LOUDLY many times over the weeks.

Last weekend was “Cupcakes For A Cause” which raised money for Special Olympics.  The Hawkettes pom squad performed (and had lots of fun with crafts) as did others. What a fun time!

They practiced right up to the last moment!

Practice in the Faculty Cafeteria!

They had fun while they waited their turn!

Arts & Crafts because what fun is girl-time without that?

Waiting for the music…

Strike a pose, girls!

The Happy Dance!

She also enjoyed watching other performers..

Nat’s school participates in the “Best Buddy” program started by Eunice Shriver.

Nat’s “Buddy”

She was the star of the show in MY eyes….


4 thoughts on “Star of the Show!!

    • Sonya you are sweet… Glad I could be successful in my never-ending quest to make you cry. 😉 When the Big E comes in you and I will BOTH be crying!!! Happy tears are more fun than sad ones, that’s for sure!

  1. Lynn, I love all of the pictures! Natalie is really flourishing and it’s so wonderful to see that she is enjoying her life! You are an amazing mom!
    Rose xoxo

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