Frankenweenie? Hmmmm……

I JUST NOW got home from seeing the movie “Frankenweenie” with my 17 year old son….

Being a Tim Burton movie, I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be a HAPPY movie, and I should have done more research….

Suffice it to say, if your pet has died in the last few years, DO NOT GO TO THIS MOVIE! We were both so sad DURING the movie and so sad AFTER the movie, we truly wish we hadn’t gone. I guess we should have known from this picture that we weren’t in for a fun time.

Our dog brought us SO much joy.

She always knew how to make herself at home!

She knew how to stay JUST out of reach….

…until she couldn’t and then she learned to be friends.

… and she was the sweetest, best companion.

We miss our Tulip so much. Thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “Frankenweenie? Hmmmm……

  1. Well, certainly it was not a good idea to watch a dead dog story when your dog died a while ago. But you MUST recognize it’s just a magnificent tribute to those old horror films, and it’s certainly a good story, though it’s not believable. I must tell you: I know it’s sad 4 you, but the movie has not anything to do about it. 🙂

    • Haha! So I better not go to you for sympathy, eh? 😉 Yes… Quite a good tribute to old horror films. Martin Landau’s role reminded me of Vincent Price! And Martin Short was so good… Yes, I agree. I wish I had known it was about a dog….

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