Happy? Halloween

We live in a rough neighborhood, baby!

This guy stood in his front yard, looking like a statue and then BAM! gave all the neighborhood kids nightmares for the rest of their lives! This yard had SO many decorations, it was easy to not notice him… right until he moved and growled and swung the knife in his right hand around. Yikes. People really get into Halloween around here!

I much prefer this type of neighbor:

“Mr. Grandpa” aka “The Headless Horseman-with-a-crooked-pumpkin-head

Best of all is when old friends come to trick or treat though…

Huda The Butterfly and Natalie The Panda

Natalie and Huda were best buddies in Junior High, and then Nat moved on to High School.  Getting together is always a very sweet time for both of them! Huda mostly uses sign language to speak and Natalie has her “own version” of sign language, but they always seem in sync anyway! Lots of laughing, running, and yes, a VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Two happy girls…


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