His ship is back!!!!

My son’s ship is back!!!!  Oh. My. Gladys. I have missed him so much!

This is where we stood on the Pier last year, waiting for him to come home. This is the view from where the ship pulls up next to the pier.

Those little vertical lines around the edge of the flight deck are sailors, standing out in the cold, as the ship comes in.

Big E is looking old! Usually the paint the hull before a ship comes home – but no sense wasting paint on a ship about to be decommissioned!

Love it!

Up close and personal…

If you haven’t been there for a ship’s Homecoming, you cannot even imagine what it is like!  Such a patriotic moment! The anticipation of seeing your sailor is overwhelming… the crowd is just BUZZING with excitement!  I wish I were there today to give my son a big hug, but I have my banner and I will definitely be giving him a big hug at the airport on Thursday!!!


10 thoughts on “His ship is back!!!!

  1. Lynn, I am so excited for you all. There is nothing like a homecoming. You almost burst from the anticipation and neck craning to catch a glimpse of your sailor/soldier/marine/airman….
    I am with you in spirit on this journey!!!!

  2. I’m so glad Sean’s ship arrived safe and sound! Can’t wait to see pics/stories from your visit together! Hugs from Houston!!!

  3. What a great day for your family, your son is home! And a historic day for your son who is serving on a great flat top.

    I brought my dad’s Navy medals with us to Korea so I have something to show my son, so he can know him too.

    Mark L.

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