I’m so depressed….

As usual, Natalie’s words are in PINK, I am in GREEN, others are in BLUE, preceded by their names.
Natalie is sitting at the island looking so sad that it causes me to be concerned. This is the kid who is happy 95% of the time, so when she is down I have to ask, What’s wrong? She sinks even lower in her chair, her eyes are downcast and she replies, I’m so depressed. Why? I feel so tortured. Seriously? I think to myself. This kid feels tortured?? Her body language is so convincing that I feel mounting concern… Why? I just feel so tortured because you guys make me clean my room all the time.

My eyes must have broken loose from their moorings with all the eye rolling I did after that response. I offered to clean her room for her (which is typically how it goes anyway) and get rid of her art supplies, stuffed animals, games, jewelry, etc. so she doesn’t have this horrible dilemma to deal with. No, Mom, I want alllllll that stuff, I just don’t want to be tortured by you anymore. Oh. My. Gladys. Had I not been in such a great mood, I would have cleaned OUT her room.

Later on Grammy offers to take us all out for a burger. We immediately begin putting on our shoes and jackets because a: free meal, b: the restaurant of our choice?! Natalie, however, is causing my eyes to break loose again as she says, I don’t want to go. We are going Natalie. Get ready. I’ll just wait in the car while you guys eat. If I couldn’t roll my eyes, I would die of frustration. The melodrama of a female teenager has a life of its own. I die.

I recount the torture story to Sean and, being the funny prankster he is, he has to play with it a bit: Natalie, I’m feeling really tortured right now. Okay (happy voice).  Sean: I’m feeling like you don’t care about my feelings and it makes me really sad.

Nat, still quite happy, but sliding quickly toward an I-don’t-want-to-hear-about-your-problems-attitude: Yup. You know, since you got home, I have been watching the Saddle Club and being really normal. Sean: what are you saying? I’m just saying I don’t feel like talking right now. Yes, she is definitely not wanting to deal with anyone’s “problems” but her own. She used to be such a compassionate child. What happened here?? Sean: So you watching the saddle club, which is an isolating experience, makes you feel like not talking to people when you are NOT watching the saddle club? Nat: Yes. Exactly. 

Definitely time for a little rug-pulling action here. The eye rolling just isn’t doing it for me. Can you say prima donna? I die.


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