The Sailor Floats Home

He must be tired. Imagine that – 8 months at sea and he comes home tired? He slept 12 hours last night.   Now it is noon and he is napping. Love giving him a place to be relaxed!

Sleepy Sailor

He said his berthing (Navy speak for where they sleep) onboard ship was below the galley (kitchen) so there were always loud noises when he was trying to sleep. He must have learned to sleep through a lot because we were being pretty noisy when I snapped this shot:


After sufficient napping was had by all, my three sons and I went to see the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Loved it. What I loved even more was hanging out with my three sons, hearing them joke and laugh (often at my expense of course – sassy kids!) and having the three of them together.

I guess they didn’t get enough screen time at the theater because they immediately became transfixed  by something else (who cares what) which just means Mom gets more pictures….

As I am snapping away, their humor kicks in:

McSassy #1, blocking my camera

McSassy #2, following in his brother’s footsteps.

No matter what, sassy beer-drinking brothers blocking my camera or not, I am so grateful and proud to have this on the front of my home:

“Tomorrow” (it is still dark out) promises to be best of all.  I will be able to check every category on this blog because everyone will be here for “Thanksgiving Day”!  I can’t wait.

Time to roast the turkey!

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