Addendum to “Stop Leaving”

When Natalie arrived home after school today she sassy-voiced, “He can just stay there with his Navy Pals, I don’t want him to ever come home again.”  She is so sad, she is angry. How dare he leave?! (I can’t imagine what it’s like for kids who have a PARENT overseas.)

Can you see why she misses him?

Sean got on his airplane and he is back at his port by now. His work begins tomorrow in the decommissioning of the Big E. The USS Enterprise has had a long and useful life for the Navy, but it is time to let ‘er go.  It IS the fastest ship in the fleet, but… also the oldest and most decrepit. It will be nice for the sailors to be attached to a newer and better operating ship.

There. See how I did that? Went right from despair to factual distraction.

Man I miss that kid of mine already.

The little sister’s outrageous privilege?  having her three big brothers (and a big dog) tell her a bedtime story!


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