Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses. That’s what my kids will call me someday, I just KNOW it. They already make fun of my age! But that’s not the point.

Remember in this post how the boys were “settling Natalie down” to go to sleep? And Sean is pointing at the wall? Look:

Sean asking about the paint…

The paint and overall “style” of Natalie’s room is always a subject of conversation (or consternation, in my case) when people see it.  My kids are used to it, but as we all sat in Nat’s room that evening, hoping she would settle down and pass out, Sean pointed and said, “Who painted that?”  Natalie replied, “MOM DID!” as if the colors of her walls could be blamed on ME!?!?! Sean, with incredulity in his voice, “What? No. Mom can’t paint like that.”  Hahaha. So true. So true. Only with wine and a blindfold. Which is when everything became clearer because Sean said, No, I’m talking about the painting.

and no, I definitely did NOT paint that.

a print by Grandma Moses, the famous American folk artist … given to Natalie by Grammy.

Stick around. Our house is a great source of fun and confusion!


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