How Much Do You Love Me?

With The Sailor home on leave, we saw more than usual of The Biggest Brother around here, which was lots of fun. Three boys in the house brings lots of laughing and a smidge of rough-housing, which I love. Don’t be alarmed by the following photo. It really encompasses what life has been like for YEARS with three boys in the house.

I sense Sean’s face is saying either, “Mom photographic evidence of this is NOT a good idea.” or “This would NOT go over in the Navy – at least not while the officers are looking”

Her Royal Highness was at her happiest!  Her brothers enjoy her antics and ask her questions. After the usual round of interaction, (Nat, why do you have those socks tied to your leg and foot? Those are bandages, of course!)

Pink socks tied around her owies.

The Biggest Brother tells her, “I love you, Nat.”

I love you, Nat.

Seconds pass before Natalie’s thoughts are revealed, “But do you love me enough to buy me a horse?! THAT is the question.

Guffaws all around. The Biggest Brother slips out of the trap, “Love isn’t measured by how much you buy for someone, though.” Her tempered response: Hmmmmmmmmm.  Translation? “You are SO very wrong about that!

She is making an attempt to subtly train him for her best possible future!

Nat and Brett sharing a laugh



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