2B, 2K, Birthdays and Driving

We not only had Thanksgiving early, but on the same day we celebrated two birthdays. My turkey was beautiful, if I do say so myself, but I have no pictures to prove it.

Instead I took pictures of other beauties…

Beautiful Bonnie

Bonnie is the female counterpart of 2B , also known as Brett and Bonnie:

Love the smiles here….

They are good together.

We celebrated Bonnie’s birthday. Doesn’t look a day over 24. And she is just as kind and witty as she is adorable.

2K was (were?) also here although I didn’t get a pic of them together. I was working hard on not just being a photographer that day…. So here is one from another birthday (Kari’s)

2K – also known as Kurt and Kari

We also celebrated Grammy’s birthday. 83 and proud of it!

Grammy’s birthday

Natalie with one of her very favorite people in the entire world… GRAMMY!!!

She loved the wallet I gave her and it had a few giftcards in it from various family members!

She chose the fabric…

Hers is the one on the right.

and then the two girls got to snuggle on the sofa while the rest of us rough-housed (more on that next time)…

The best gift… time together.

I am so grateful to be able to celebrate birthdays with those I love.  I need to do a better job of telling them all how special they are to me…. Really, Isn’t family the best invention EVER?!

Oh – and here is a picture of my 83 year old mother waving as she speeds away from my house to head home…

Grammy embarking on her four hour drive home….

Come back soon, Grammy!


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