Sailor + Shenanigans, Capers, Antics and Laughter

Another post about the time our sailor was home on leave…. please forgive me for all the pictures but this takes the place of photo albums around here!

There were Shenanigans, Capers and Antics like this:

Silliness. At least ONE of my kids is always acting up in a photo!

Spoons around the table….

Then we got up from the table and moved to the island in the kitchen…

Ping Pong ball … ? in the kitchen?

Ping Pong in the kitchen!

… which is bad enough, but the shenanigans kept increasing in caperish antics:


Yes really.  I am that kind of crazy. Volleyball in the house. I LOVE this kind of fun. I don’t have anything in my house of such great worth that I would be devastated if it happened to get broken. (I keep all that stuff in my car. Ha!)  And my heart is so full when we are all playing something together. Didn’t Dr. Seuss say something about “These things are fun and fun is good?”

Look out!!!

(You can see who the ACTUAL volleyball player is in the family.)

And then I caught a few “good” pictures…

Because sometimes with 3 brothers, a girl just cannot take it anymore! But Kari, DON’T SHOOT!

I hope they always return home for fun times like this… I love having grown up “kids”!

I wouldn’t want to leave you with the wrong impression… the people in these photos are not the ONLY ones capable of shenanigans.

Although Miss Natalie was innocently eating a french fry here:

Snarfing up Portillo’s french fries…

someone else could already taste that french fry…

Kiwi is such a good girl. No whine, no bark, just a whole-hearted licking of chops!

and although some would be horrified, we rewarded Kiwi with a couple french fries of her very own… she was quite happy! She and I went on a bike/run afterward (the only way I can keep up with her) so, all the french fry was worked off and then some!


2 thoughts on “Sailor + Shenanigans, Capers, Antics and Laughter

  1. Great post and beautiful family! My wife Tamara has four brother who play all their sports indoors and as well as outside. Boys.

    Another wall-mounted guitar? Please write a post about guitars–what’s the guitar story?

    You know. In your free time……..


  2. Love the pictures!!……….silly boys…and girls……..and sweet dog…… and your color-commentary of the fun! You write beautifully, Lynn. Your personality comes shining through.

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