If this blog were only followed by my friends and family I wouldn’t need to explain the excitement created by the event in this picture:


But since my blog has readers from …  Korea, Canada, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Ireland, Philippines, Norway, India, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Taiwan, Switzerland, Brazil, Finland, Colombia, Chile, Czech Republic, Serbia, South Africa, Pakistan, Hungary, Russian Federation, and Zimbabwe (WELCOME EVERYONE!) I will explain… My Darling Daughter is 14 and sweet and doesn’t eat (Hey! That rhymes!) Ever since she was just a few months old she has exhibited signs of pretty severe sensory processing difficulties that are particularly focused around anything having to do with her mouth. Lots of therapies, lots of feeding programs/clinics, etc. and at age 14 we have progressed to the point that 50 – 75% of her calories each day are given to her through a tube that goes from near her belly button through her abdominal wall and into her stomach. The rest of her calories she actually eats herself!

Her favorite meal for breakfast is pizza. Her favorite meal for lunch is pizza. Her favorite snack is rainbow sherbet. Her favorite meal for dinner is pizza. She also eats grapes, french fries and honey teddy grahams occasionally.  Yesterday though? We are an hour away from the house at an appointment for her big bro, HUNGRY big bro. Driving through KFC we ask the standard question, “Nat, do you want anything?” The usual answer: “Yes, ice water please.”

But not yesterday. She asked for a chocolate chip cookie (yes, I know… I was surprised to find those are available at KFC!) That she asked for a cookie wasn’t a big deal – she loves to get them, break them into pieces and leave them in a bowl for me to eat. Then she is done.

But again, not yesterday. Yesterday she ate the cookie. Today she ate another one. 🙂

One of the keys to not making the food issue any bigger is to not apply any pressure – intentionally or otherwise. Reacting positively or negatively to her eating has that impact;  to be neutral, we treat whatever she does as no big deal. SOooooo, as she sat in the car eating the chocolate chip cookie, I held every single bit of excitement inside and didn’t allow myself to shed a single tear. Aren’t you proud of me? I am excited at every single tiny step of progress she makes, even though it seems like they are few and far-between they are a THRILL!

She finished the whole thing!

She finished the whole thing!


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