Driving home from the orthopedic surgeon’s office last night (that’s another story) my 17 year old son (who now has a boot on his foot – oops, guess I told THAT story) is talking about the way different kids at school are making tributes to the kids and families related to the tragedy in Connecticut. Someone sang “Silent Night” on facebook.

(Aside: Is that really a tribute? Wouldn’t it be a memoriam? I mean, I guess it is, but … ? Who will hear it? Not the kids or families. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do something for someone? Anyone? Okay, nevermind, I put the critical voice in the closet. BAD voice.)

So we talked about what a tribute is, why “Silent Night” etc. and I sang “Taps” to the kids – here is a military versionHere is a vocal version from a Memorial Day ceremony.  Here are some boy scouts with their rendition.

Natalie asked “what is the name of that song?” “Taps.” “oh yeah. I know that.” (What? How does she know that? I highly doubt this response. And then I am proven 100% wrong when she shows what she knows.) “Yeah, I know that. Taps! Like tap dancing, right?” Because yes. Word association is a rare skill that we have boat loads of in our family. “What’s a boatload?


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