Oh my how things change….

As you may recall, my younger daughter has the habit of sleeping with various and sundry companions. Now don’t go there, you know I mean companions like this and this. The girl has more stuffed animals than our other kids did all added together! And there are times it has looked as though she will not fit in her bed WITH them. She has been known to tuck them into BOTH beds in the guest room, the extra bed in her room and still have several in her own bed. But last night was different.

She is in high school this year, so of course all kinds of things have changed. I’m not sure she believes she is a genuine high school student yet, but rather some interloper sneaking in for a visit. See if you agree: we were out of her favorite lunch beverage (a water bottle half-filled with ice, then topped off with water) as we prepped for school  yesterday morning so I suggested she buy a bottle at the school cafeteria. I was the lucky recipient of her expression of shock and dismay as she said, “MOM! I CAN’T STAND IN LINE WITH ALL THOSE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS!”  My response that she is a high school kid as well didn’t seem to change her mind about anything.

But back to bed (yes, thank you, I’d love to *YAWN*) … last night when I peeked into her room before going to bed myself, I saw this and thought – my baby is getting so grown up!!

Sleeping with a cellphone...

Sleeping with her cellphone…

Lest you think she has given up on her horses, dolphins, suitcases, drawers, etc. as sleep buddies, note the little white fluffies up near her forehead…

Socks, one of her favorite horses.

Socks, one of her favorite horses.

Socks is still there, but not as close as – her phone.  If you heard her talk on the phone you would truly believe that phone is connecting her to someone she knows well. Lucky for us, she has a perfectly wonderful time just talking to her imaginary friends. No cell phone contract required. Someday she may protest these postings, but for now I’ll just continue to enjoy myself and share whatever I find amusing!


One thought on “Oh my how things change….

  1. we are enjoying the stories and you get to enjoy her as she is for the moment, knowing something will change when some of those animals wear out. Just don’t join the older crowd and you can keep up with it all! Miss you love you

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