What should we do tomorrow…?

We are getting a giant snowstorm right now… lots of wind and snow. Seth just used the snowblower out on the driveway and he said it was almost a foot deep out there! I am particularly thankful for a teenager who likes to beat up snow with a loud machine so that I don’t have to do it! Thank you, Seth.

We had almost zero snow just a week ago, had a little snowfall last week:

bird bath oneand now this:

bird bath two

Seems like we should do something to mark the occasion of actual winter, doesn’t it? I asked Natalie what we should do tomorrow. Her answers were very rapid-fire and sure. There was not a bit of doubt in her mind. A bit frustrating for me, trying to “schedule” some fun!

I invited: Should we build a snowman?

She RSVP’d: No.

I insulted: Party pooper! Fun wrecker!

She came up with her favorite answer to absolutely everything in the entire universe, no matter what the question is: Horse!

Maybe we can build a snowhorse.


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