Cookieeeeeee. Me want COOKIEEEEE!!!

We now have a cookie monster on our hands.

Our Cookie Monster

Our Cookie Monster

She likes chocolate chip cookies SO much that she will eat 8 or 9 in a sitting if I don’t keep an eye on her!  In view of the fact that we are always trying to get her to gain a little weight this would seem like a good thing, no? NO!  What are you thinking?! She wants to eat them several times a day and only, ONLY the ones from KFC or McD’s (what?!) …

So I have instituted a two-at-a-time rule that is preceded by a “after you eat grapes or pizza” rule.

In the past when we’ve placed any rules around food she just stops eating. Like forever. But this time, SO FAR, that is not the case.  True  blue American that she is, Chocolate Chip Cookies are a treat she will not give up.

I wonder if I could get her to eat broccoli this way.  Hmmmmm.

P.S. We “just” got back from seeing her pediatrician down near Children’s.  She is officially up to the 25th percentile in both height and weight!  This is good news!  Considering how long she was actually OFF the chart, I am very pleased! She might not ever be as tall as I am, but that’s okay. She’s allowed to be a shrimp.

Can you believe she is about to turn FIFTEEN???!!! Whodathunk. Happy days!


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