The Clinic was open late last night…

Our “veterinary clinic” was open late last night.  The zebra and two horses needed some work done. It was quite an emergency, actually.  You see, our “veterinary intern” had tried to fix some owies in the past – using yellow (of course) nailpolish to seal some wounds.  The problem was, after a while she didn’t like the stiff feeling of the nailpolish on her friends.  So she cut the nailpolish off. With scissors. Taking hide along with it.

Yes. she did. And she left a gaping wound on the side of her zebra – no pictures because it was just way too graphic!!  It was at least 16 inches long.  Our intern then dissolved into a heap of major league meltdown – the likes of which I have never seen from her before!

After convincing her we were not going to allow her to destroy the zebra (complete and utter destruction of beloved object is a normal reaction to being upset at how much damage is done, right??) I began putting stitches and hide-grafts into place. Here are some finished results:

zebra hide graft and stitches

zebra hide-graft and stitches

Here is the clinic in action:


Surgery – right in the dining room.

And after a certain amount of treatment was complete, the calm after the meltdown storm moved into a manic place:

The meltdown is now a blur.

The meltdown is now a blur.

I was going to share the meltdown with you as well, but really a still shot just wouldn’t do it justice and of course I didn’t have the presence of mind to film it.  Be glad. Be very very glad.

The log of procedures:

Skin-graft oops, I mean hide-graft to the zebra in three places, plus about 16 inches of stitches to close the gaping wound. Hide-graft to Xavier the horse, under his chin, hide-graft to Patches the horse – we, um,  patched Patches, you know.  And then, with all that fur flying there was some clean up.

Later on I saw this and thought OH NO! SUMMER BUGS ALREADY?!

Fur bug

Fur bug

But, I gladly discovered it was just fur from one of the hide-grafts.

So ends an eventful evening. Whew. We ALL survived. Stripes the Zebra, Xavier the Horse, Patches the Horse, Me the Mom, and yes – even Natalie, the veterinary intern.


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