The Altruism of My Daughter…. arrrgggghhhh!

My dear daughter is NOT quite right in the head!! No, I’m not talking about her cognitive limitations, sheesh, don’t get so freaked out!

Let me start at the beginning….

My darling Natalie, age 15, sophomore in high school, has a mad CRUSH on a cute boy at her high school.  His name is CONNOR. I have only heard this name about 150 times in the last two weeks. Connor this. Connor that. Clapping her hands together, looking up at the ceiling, with a big grin on her face…. you know …. a CRUSH! He is one of the “helpers” in gym class – one of the typically developing students who help out the students like Natalie, who need a little more help in order to get ready for gym and all that.

I’ve been wondering how this kind of thing would play out. I am not about to let Natalie go on a “date” and of course, Connor isn’t about to ask her, I’m sure.  But still, it makes me ponder all things teenage boys and girls. Scary stuff.

Natalie tells me about Connor, and his GIRLFRIEND! yes, his girlfriend. All is well until one day Natalie comes home to tell me that Connor’s girlfriend broke up with him.  I really expected her to be happy, thinking she had a chance with Connor. INSTEAD, she is so sad for Connor! I admire her concern for Connor’s well-being, but I’m sure it will pass: She’ll think she has a chance with this cutie-patootie of a boy and wait for her chance to close in for the kill. Like any normal female.

The next day I find out the truth about my daughter. She comes home, delighted, no downright ecstatic! I ask why. Guess what the altruistic doll says??  “Mom, guess what??? Connor and his girlfriend got back together! Isn’t that GREAT?!?!?!”

…and what can I say but “Yes, my dear, sweet daughter, that is just great!” and I cannot explain how proud I am because I don’t want to corrupt her guileless nature. Why make her “right in the head” – I think she is perfect just the way she is!  Because she is, truly, the sweetest person I have ever known. What a lucky person I am to be her mom, don’t you agree?


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