We lost Old Faithful… :(

It has been 13 wonderful  years. Almost to the day. We did see it coming, although I was in denial about it for some time. But increasing ailments of one sort or another made it clearer and clearer each month. We really thought we had more time. But an “expected lifespan” is never a guarantee.

So we moved on and bought a new car. Yeah. I really thought we’d have 300,000 miles, but 225,000 isn’t bad.

What I like about a new car?

1. There are no keys broken off in any of the doors.

2. There is no evidence of carelessness that may or may not have been my fault in days gone by.

3. All the buttons work.

4. There has been no further expansion of that oil spot on the garage floor.

5. It purrs instead of grumbling, creaking and ca-thunking.

6. The front seat is not broken-in PAST the point of comfort.

7. There are some buttons and fun doodads like Bluetooth! That is my favorite so far. What is better than hands-free talking while driving??? I know, I know – no talking while driving. Don’t nag me. I haven’t hit anyone, in fact I haven’t even (accidentally) driven anyone off the road in YEARS!

8. Definitely enjoying the higher gas mileage… Almost double the old car.

9. A remote that still works. That is just a necessity. Really. And in the old days? The remote did NOT open my trunk. *beaming*

10. And not to be too graphic, but the rug’s ground-in dirt? I do not miss it.

11. Oh and that broken button thingy on the seatbelt strap? You know, the button that keeps the metal buckle from sliding all the way down to the floor? The one that means I always have to reach practically under the driver’s seat to find the buckle to fasten my seatbelt? Yeah, I don’t miss that.

12. But SILVER? What was I thinking? The dirt shows up waaaaay too quickly . I may as well have chosen white, which is exponentially cooler looking, especially in summer.  Natalie says I could always have zebra decals put on the side and up the cool factor considerably. (Yes, I did show her those decals when I was surfing for ways to improve my new car. However, she has fortunately forgotten about them. Anyone who reminds her is in a world of hurt with me because I do NOT want to drive a zebra/safari car around. Not in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. If it were an FJ Cruiser I would “consider” it.)

So that’s my gratitude list for my new car. Now I just have to figure out how to find it in the vast sea of silver cars in every parking lot I use!  Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “We lost Old Faithful… :(

    • Ah no, I really mean an FJ cruiser: google image for a white FJ cruiser, you’ll see what I mean. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a PT cruiser. Terrible car, start to finish, IMO.
      I’ll wear zebra decals on my car if you’ll wear them on yours….

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