The river girls

One of our favorite things to do whenever we return to my hometown is to visit one of several venues along the river. I LOVE water, like so many people do.


This is my energetic 84 year old mother on the bridge. Doesn’t she look great?? The bridge goes from the park to an island in the middle of the river. Some photobombing on the left there by friendly locals. Hee hee… couldn’t bear to crop them out.
Of course, “Horse” goes everywhere with us.


Natalie signaled I was allowed one more photo:


That’s a pretty emphatic finger, don’t you think? And when I failed to comply, this was the shot that resulted:


Haha! “Horse”doesn’t mind my paparazzo ways as much. And then I scored a coup and got one more winner:


The Fox River girls. Love it!

Had a great visit with my Mom, got more of her landscaping finished and then we had another very special outing with my brother and sister
-in-law that was absolutely sensational for me. I’ll share that one soon.


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