The lake of my childhood…

We, on a whim, drive up to the lake. The Lake. The one where we spent nearly every summer from the day school let out until the day before it started again. Pulling in the driveway and seeing the cottage, (still fire engine red!) made me hold my breath in excitement, like a kid getting up on Christmas morning! image It was obvious no one had been there in months, so I brazenly (disregarding the electronic surveillance warning signs) ran, RAN, to the lakeside of the cottage and looked at the front. I remembered all the nights we slept on the screened in porch, the dinners we ate at the huge mahogany table out there, the games, the music. Ahhhh. Such joy just in remembering! image I turned around and looked down the stairs at the water. Those same old stairs! Unbelievable! And the view! image

Our Dad commuted (only 45 minutes) to work every week day. When he would get back in the evening, the first thing he did was take a swim. Often he would bring one or two of our friends up to spend a few days with us enjoying the lake.

I ran down the stairs, carefully. I turned and looked back up, remembering climbing those many stairs after a full day of swimming. image


In the moment below, as the water washed over my feet, I felt an exhilaration I am certain is my soul recalling  the place of my greatest childhood memories. How truly amazing to have the blessed pleasure of one simple, sunny, watery summer after another. image

Our cousins spent their summers across the lake – on the left, the first cottage peeking out of the woods. We waterskiied together, played Spoons, went to park dances, had so much fun! Even now, sitting here at the computer I remember. And the remembering is just pure joy.

What a beautiful whim with such a surprising amount of joy. This picture below is the one I have so often recalled when thinking of The Lake. It conjures up peace, happiness, adventure, rest and joy. And gratitude. image



One thought on “The lake of my childhood…

  1. Such wonderful memories you have, Lynn! I remember sleeping on that screen porch. And breakfast at that mahogany table. And, learning to water ski behind the boat your dad was driving. I wasn’t up there all that much but it did make an impression! Sweet times.

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